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Thank you for your business! Here is what to expect next:

1. **Delivery** – Garbage and recycling carts will be delivered within 3-5 business days

2. **Account Creation** – Once you receive your new carts then you will receive a welcome email from the office within 1-4 days which will have your service day.

3. **Initial Invoice** – We are a prepaid service. You will be emailed the first invoice once the carts are delivered and the account is created. You can pay by credit/debit card through the emailed invoice or mail in a check. The invoice will include:

– One-time set-up and delivery fee of $25
– Quarterly services

4. **Start Service** – Your service will start the week after the cart is delivered and once the initial invoice is paid or auto-draft paperwork is received

5. **Auto Draft** – For auto draft paperwork please click here to download the form to fill-out/send-in to the office at WasteMastersTN@gmail.com

***#1 Rule*** – Carts out the night before and please bag all trash – list of rules on our website

***General Service Days***
37938 **Monday**
37849 **Tuesday**
37807 and 37779 **Wednesday**
37721 and 37918 **Thursday**
37914 and 37924 **Friday**

The welcome email will have your exact service day. The only holidays we take off are Christmas and Thanksgiving; otherwise every week is the same.


– Recycling will be the same day as trash and will be picked up every week, please bag all recycling as well
– Cardboard, Plastic, Paper, Aluminum, Steel Cans only and NO Glass