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Garbage Rules

  • Please put your garbage cart out the *NIGHT BEFORE* (must be visible)
  • NO PERSONAL CARTS; we offer additional carts with services.
  • Please bag *ALL* trash, grass, leaves, and tie up sticks (no longer than 3 feet, no thicker than 2 inches)
  • Absolutely *NO* dirt, mulch, construction/demolition materials, steel, batteries, pressurized cans or tanks, oil, tires, ammunition or liquids to include paint, fuel, and cleaning chemicals
  • Two extra garbage bags outside the cart are allowed per week ($1 for every bag after the allowed amount unless it is Christmas, New Years or Thanksgiving week)
  • We do have a LEAF SEASON that runs from October 15th – January 15th. We allow 12 bags per week weighing no more than 50lbs.
  • There is an additional charge for Bulk Items. See Bulk Items Page.
  • There is a $15 late fee for each invoice that goes 7 days past due
  • After 30 late days accounts will be suspended
  • After 45 late days the account will be sent to collections
  • We run all Holidays except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, depending on when the holiday falls, service will be pushed back a day.

Recycling Rules

  • Recycling is the same day as your garbage day and must be put out the night before; it is picked up every week
  • We pay the recycling center to sort the recycling so please put all the recycling in the provided recycling cart
  • Plastic, paper, cardboard, steel cans and aluminum cans are all allowed in recycling (if cardboard doesn’t fit please break it down and place next to the recycling cart)
  • No glass, Styrofoam, tin foil or shopping bags in the recycling bin
  • Please bag all shredded paper
  • Recycling Services are suspended Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years weeks as well as any Federal Holidays. All carts will be serviced by the same truck on these service days.